Benefits of Harad: Harad is a Traditional & Medicinal Plant

Benefits of Harad

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As the use of herbal plants is increasing day by day throughout the world due to its no or very less side effects. Using herbal plants is very common in Asia, especially in India. The side effects of medical medication are very high as compare to herbal medication. we will discuss the benefits of Harad in this article.

Harad or Terminalia

Harad in a tray

Harad is one of the famous herb plants. Its plant or tree is approximately 30m tall, and the whole plant (fruits, branches, and roots) can be used as herbal medicine. Harad is known as the king of medicine due to its extraordinary benefits. There are some side effects of Harad also but the benefits of Harad are very high as compared to its side effects.

Benefits of Harad in Health

1. Good for Digestion

Harad is known for its digestive property. It is very effective in constipation. Powder of Harad mixed with honey is very effective in constipation.

2. Hair Fall

As hair fall is a problem that is increasing throughout the world. Harad can make your hair strong healthy and shiny.


Mix harad powder with mustard oil or coconut oil, then apply on your hair twice a week.

3. Metabolism Booster

Some traditional beliefs and evidence suggest that harad can burn calories and fats and boost the metabolism.

4. Hormonal Balance

Harad improves hormonal activity and regulates hormonal balance. It can be very effective in male and female sexual fertility.

5. Control Sugar level

Harad plays a vital role in lowering or controlling the blood sugar level.


Use daily harad powder half a tablespoon with plain water it will decrease different diabetic symptoms like weight loss, appetite, shivering, and frequent urination.

6. Clearance of Skin

Clearance of skin is also one of the benefits of Harad. Harad is very helpful in treating acne, sunburns, rashes, open pores, and all types of skin allergies and also anti-aging symptoms. Harad has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties to help smooth skin conditions.


Mix harad powder with a little warm water, mix well till complete paste, and then apply on face for 20 minutes then wash your face with rose water. 03 times a week.

7. Use of Harad for Bacterial Infections

Harad is very useful against many bacteria like Clostridium perfingens and E.Coli and it might be very effective against Pylori which causes stomach ulcers, gastric inflammation, and stomach cancer. Harad seed is very effective against bacteria, it affects the growth of those bacteria which cause digestive tract infections.

8. Use of Harad for Cough

The traditional medication in which 2-5 grams of Harad powder to be taken every day which helps to release phlegm. This traditional method of medication is very popular in Asia.

Precautions for using Harad

Benefits of Harad

Lactating mothers and during pregnancy don’t use hard without your doctor’s consultation. Some people are allergic to different herbs. During pregnancy and lactating mothers must consult their doctors before using any herbs.

People on drugs for diabetes should be careful while taking Harad, as it helps reduce blood sugar levels.

The general dosage of Harad per day

  • For adults: 3-6 grams once or twice a day or as recommended by an herbalist.
  • For children:1-2 grams in one day with water or honey, or as recommended by the consultant.

Making of Harad powder

Benefits of Harad

  • Wash Harad.
  • Put on to direct sun till it is completely dry. Grind it.
  • Take it with water.
  • Remove seeds.

Season-to-Season Use of Harad

  1. During the spring season take Harad with honey.
  2. During the summer season take harad powder with jaggery.
  3. During the autumn season take harad with sugar.
  4. During the rainy season take harad with rock salt.

Side effects of Harad

Side Effect of Harad

  1. Avoid using Harad during pregnancy, consult your doctor before using Harad.
  2. Avoid using Harad during diabetes medication, it will lower your blood sugar level. One can use it for lowering blood sugar levels in case not taking any other diabetes medication.
  3. Overdose of Harad may cause weakness, dehydration, diarrhea, sore mouth, muscle cramps, irregular heartbeat, or excessive thirst.
  4. Lactating mothers should avoid Harad as it reduces milk production.


Harad is very useful for health and has many positive effects on human health. But some people are allergic to Harad, they must consult a doctor before using Harad to avoid any health issues. As with many benefits of Harad, it does have side effects, and precautions as well which are discussed above.

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